Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Encounter God Mini-Retreat, March 1st

Greetings Everyone! Encounter God has been moved to MARCH 1ST!

The "CIA" (Central Illinois Area) AGLOW TEAM is going to host an “Encounter God” Mini Retreat. Saturday, March 1st. 9am to 9 pm. (Instead of doing 2 days we have compiled it into one.) It’s something I have all our leadership go through.  It’s a time of cleansing the temple, removing any obstacles that could or has snared us and starting with a fresh slate for a new year.

                                    A Day of Encountering God in a deeper

walk of healing and restoration of the soul.
A place of security to find a treatment, cure or correction for the spiritual side of man (the SOUL - Mind, Will & Emotions), specifically addressing issues of habitual sin, unforgiveness, occult involvement, generational bondage, and traumatic life experiences.   This is an event for inner healing and deliverance to the soul in great depth, as well as receiving ministry, each participant will leave with a new tool-belt in the spirit to enable them to minister this freedom to others!! This retreat, you will break free of past bondages that have held you back from moving forward in your relationship with God, family, friends and authority.  You will personally be challenged and grow as you submit yourself to all that God has in store for YOU whom He LOVES!
*It will be at my home: 1604 S. Curtiss Dr. Urbana, IL 61802
*Cost for manual will be $20.00 plus meal (Lunch & Dinner) costs for the day
*Bring a pencil and bible
*Retreat description below (Worship, Power-point, Teaching included)

                       *RSVP by Monday, Feb 25th   To:  888-IL-AGLOW

If you are stuck in any kind of cycles in your life, hurts, traumas, curses or the like this is the tool to break that off of you and your family.  (The one requirement is that you have to attend for the entity of the event; due to the nature of how it is structurally designed everyone is required to come on time & only leave upon completion.  Full participation is necessary, if you can’t be there the entire time we recommend you attend the next event for your full benefit and for others attending. We hope to end earlier if possible.)  Please RSVP space in my home is limited, so we can make arrangements for space and your meals. We will receive funds upon arrival.

Encounter God Topics:

  • Understanding Spiritual Warfare
    • Strongholds
    • False Religions and Occult
  • Receiving and Ministering Healing
  • Destructive Habits, Addictions
  • Sexual Wholeness
  • Brokenness, Hurt, Rejection
  • Rebellion
  • Generational Curses
  • Mother & Father’s Blessing
  • Living In Victory
  • Holy Communion

FB: Central Illinois Aglow
www.aglow.org Aglow International





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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Vision for Pray/Care/Share

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

March Conference Retreat 2013 - "Great Expectations"


Conference Retreat 2013

You are personally invited to this year's -
Leadership Conference

Saturday, March 9th, 2013

“Come expecting the next move of God, a year of equipping
the saints to reach the next generation.”

  • Learn how to Shepherd others into Leadership,
  • And Birth the Kingdom of 2013, a New Era, with
  • Training, Discipling and Winning the Lost,
  • Round Table Discussions for Lighthouse Strategies!

DATE:      Saturday - MARCH 9, 2013
WHERE:  Courtyard by Marriott, Bloomington/Normal
                   310A Greenbriar Dr. Normal, IL 61761
TIME:       8 AM – 6 PM
                  RSVP reservations are required by March 1st and

Registration payment of $20.00 required the day of the event, paid at the door. (Cash or Check only)
Please RSVP your reservation online at: CIAAGLOW.evenbrite.com
or you can RSVP, THERESA BROCK at (815)842-1510 before March 1st, 2013.
Directions can also be found at the above site.  (Scroll down for Friday night activities)

Pregnant Promises Soaking Time & Ministry  - Friday Night
Are you pregnant with promises? Are you wanting to see God fulfill His prophecies in your life? The CIA Team is providing a time of personal soaking, birthing and personal ministry that is totally optional for anyone who is hungry for more intimacy with the Lord. If you desire more intimate time with Jesus and the Holy Spirit you’re welcome to join us in the birthing room of God! You’re welcome to enter into the Holy of Holies Friday night with the CIA Team for a night of worship, soaking and personal ministry.

We will be gathering the night before on Friday, March 8th at 7:00 pm. Overnight rooms are available at your own discretion. If you would like us to help you find a roommate let Theresa Brock know by March 1st when you register for Saturday. We will be meeting at the Courtyard by Marriott, Bloomington/ Normal, IL off Ft.Jesse Rd. Meeting Room A, CIA Aglow Block Rate is $89.00 till March 1st. 310A Greenbriar Drive, Normal, Illinois 61761, For Reservations call: 309-862-1166

www.aglow.org, www.cherylweaver.com
Sponsored by: Central Illinois Aglow, www.ciaaglow.blogspot.com

Friday, January 11, 2013

Welcome to our New Team Member!

CIA Area Team welcomes our newest member to the team, Mrs.Cindy Cole.  Cindy comes to us from Decatur, IL.  She works for the State and has been married for 10 years and has 4 children and several grandchildren.  She is joining the team in the capcity of V.P. of Public Relations.  We are excited to have such a gifted and talented woman of God!  She loves to share her faith, enjoys writing and organization.  She is a wonderful answer to prayer and tremendous asset to our team!  Please join us in welcoming her. 

www.aglow.org, www.cherylweaver.com

Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Crowning Glory" Triple Crown Conference Event

Join us Halloween Weekend - Two Weeks before the Elections
At the Capitol View Room of the Crowne Plaza Hotel Springfield, IL for a Triple Crown Weekend of Prophetic Prayer & Worship, Training for Reigning & Personal Ministry moving in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit TODAY -Healing, Prophecy, Deliverance, Signs and Wonders!

October 26th
4:00pm Intercession for/with the Prayer Warriors
5:00pm Registration - 6:30pm Dessert (included) Fellowship
6:50pm Worship on the Atrium - Bring a jacket
October 27th
7:30am Intercession for/with Prayer Warriors
8:00am Morning Assembly - Worship
Vision & Leadership - It's Time to RUN with the Horses!
11:00am Lunch (Soup & Salad Included)
12:15pm Worship & Round Table Trainings
4:15pm Crowning Ceremony
Registration: Is required $65.00 before Oct 15th-snail mail
or $68.00 via PayPal and$78.00 After Oct 15th via Paypal.
Lodging: Before Oct 15th Ask for th Special "Aglow" Rate of only $104.00. 
With 4 in a room that is only $26.00 per person plus tax. 

www.aglow.org, www.cherylweaver.com

Monday, October 24, 2011

Three Days of FIRE & GLORY

Welcome to "THE CIA" Blogspot!
We are excited to announce the upcoming conference -
Three days of FIRE and GLORY in the Tabernacle!
January 26, 27, 28th of 2012 located at Tuscola, IL Community Building.

To develop Come-Unity, share hope and present the ministry of the Holy Spirit.


Prophetess Marsha Steele from Franklin, TN
Pastor Scott Douglas with in depth teaching on the tabernacle
Worship with Springfield IHOP Annie McCaffey
Rev. Cheryl Weaver and Rev. Sandy Hiser
Early Bird Registration is $55.00
Contact Registrar for “The CIA” Theresa Brock at (815) 842-1510
For Conference Brochure and Registration

Aglow Gifts to the City: Please bring a canned good or boxed item to share with the local food pantry of the Methodist Church to support those in need in the Tuscola, IL.
www.aglow.org, www.cherylweaver.com

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Aglow Prophetic Power Healing Encounters Coming to a City Near You!
May 21st, June 11th , Aug 13th , Oct 22nd

Do you have physical or emotional pain?
Come and encounter the prophetic &

healing ministry power of the Holy Spirit. Matthew 14:36

(Free will offerings taken)

Pontiac City Hall
115 W. Howard St.
Pontiac, IL 61764
May 21, 2011
Starts at 9:30am*
New Life International
13118 N. US 24 Hwy
Lewistown, IL 61542
June 11, 2011
Starts at 9:30am*
Decatur Civic Center
One Gary K. Anderson Plaza
Decatur, IL 62526
August 13, 2011
Starts at 9:30am*
The Gathering Place
1572 U.S. Highway 150
Congerville, IL 61729
October 22, 2011
Starts at 9:30am*
(Ending time lead by the Holy Spirit)
Contact Cheryl Weaver for Additional Info. CIAAGLOW@GMAIL.COM, 217-649-6050

http://www.aglow.org/, http://www.cherylweaver.com/

Are You Ready for What's Coming?

Dearly Beloved,

Today is the Day the Lord has made… Let us rejoice and be glad in it!!! We as God’s people are being transformed from Glory to Glory, for such a time as this!!! God has called you and me in this time, in 2011, not 1900 or 1700. We have a marvelous ring side seat to what only the Disciples have dreamed about! Like Esther, the Lord’s light will shine brightly as great lights in the darkness! If there were no darkness would we need a calling? Let us be found to have oil in our lamps-ready in and out of season! Jane Hansen-Hoyt (Aglow Intl. CEO) recently sent a word of being prepared, spiritually and in a natural sense -- for any emergency; I agree. In this hour we need to be wise and make provisions for emergency situations, money, medicines, canned goods, water, gloves, toilet paper, etc… (for more info Aglow.org, Emergency Preparedness) Let us all continue to pray for the victims of the horrible tornado’s in the south!
A continuance of prophetic warnings are coming to me from various saints far and wide. These warnings have come via prophetic dreams, words and visions daily, across my desk. I believe it is time to send out a Clarion Call to pray and stand for the “Kingdom to Come” in ourselves, families, households, property and cities. We must examine why does the Lord inform the prophets of a message of warning? To bring forth a REPENTANCE. I am reminded of the story of Jonah, sent to share a message with the city of Nineveh. The whole country REPENTED and was saved from destruction.
God always starts at home first. Let us first start with a sanctification of ourselves (Guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life.) and secondly praying for the sanctification of our households, city and county. (See attachment for men in the Bible who did this.) Daily, as we enter into the relationship with our Heavenly Father thru the Blood of Jesus, He asks for clean hands and pure hearts. He also says, “those pure in heart will see God”. God has anointed you, appointed you and given you full authority to take dominion over the earth. If we don’t take dominion, EVIL will.
It is my hope that you will join in with prayer during this week over your household and your specific “county” covering them with the Passover Blood of the Lamb. Moses did this to prevent the destroyer from coming into their individual homes when GOD sent the plagues over Egypt. As Blood bought believers we are in Covenant with the Father as Moses and the Israelites were.
The CIA has had great success in praying repentance for the “four sins of the land” discussed in Alistair Pietrie’s book “Heaven on Earth”. We have seen tornadoes bounce off the county line of areas we have prayed through the below/attached information. We have seen revival break out and souls saved when churches have prayed this through in unity as a Body. It is a time and season for prayer warriors to pray strategically. This is a strategy that has been revealed to me and I would like to share the same information with you for more prayers of breakthrough in our lives and cities!
Alistair has identified the 4 main sins that defile the land. Thus God then judges sin and therefore releases a judgment (like a curse, Deu 28) to fall on the land i.e. the people. God is good and just and He has to judge evil to maintain a standard of Righteousness and Holiness. Here is the prayer process the Author reveals towards healing our land:
1. Consecrate yourselves
2. Join me in (Identification Repentance) repenting for the sins (Confession & Forgiveness) of the people in your county.
· Idolatry (Anything that takes priority over God)
· Bloodshed (Civil War, Indian, Individual)
· Broken Covenants (Indian, Government, etc)
· Fornication (Anything outside of marriage)
3. Then Break the bondages of the Four judgments that have separated us from God’s healing.
· Famine, Ecological devastation, War, Disease
4. Then Pray a release of the Seven Blessings of God on the Land found in Lev 26:4-10
· Ecological Health, Economic Health, Personal Security, Civil Security, International Security, Honor and Growth and Innovation and Creativity
I am continuing to pray for MERCY and that America and our State does not get what it deserves! I have attached a detailed listing on pages 5-7 of this process if you would like more information. Also there is additional information on Central Illinois Aglow for your perusal.
May we stand united in the one Faith BELIEVING in the GOODNESS of our Father at ALL times!
Blessings of Love, The CIA Area Team
Remember the Love we give away is the only Love we keep~