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Welcome to the CIA Blog. We can use this to interact with one another to make decisions and host internet meetings I hope.



Blogger Cheryl said...


Just a quick note to say that Advisor and Pastor Cedric Nesbitt will be joining us to meet everyone on the team and pray with us.

P.S. He has some leads for us on internet meetings and website for us to interact together.

Love Ya,:0)

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Blogger Cheryl said...

Destiny Conference -Milwaulkee (Call and confirm this is what you are doing! tx!)

Registration - online or fax in 414-273-4248
$145.00 Registration
$ 25.00 Luncheons

Our Hotel is Hyatt Regency (connected to the Midwest Center via Skywalk) 1-414-276-1234
Three rooms under Melissa Nash (gmcvb20054393, gmcvb20054855, gmcvb20054856 single )
CIA Room - Judy, Brenda, Tanya/Cot
CU Room - Cheryl, Shelly/Jen, Angela/Cot
Single Room - Melissa, Monica/Cot, Sara/Floor
Room Rates $49.00 per person, per night. Make your checks out to Central Illinois Aglow and give to Melissa Nash.
p.s. Bring a swim suit just in case!

Wed 27 @
5:15 am Meet at Bloomington Vineyard Vanpool #1 [Route 55 N.] Brenda, Judy
5:15 am Meet at Cheryl's [Route 57 N.] Melissa/Rachel carseat, Jen, Sara, Monica, Cheryl
5:25 am Leave for Milwaulkee
8:55 am Arrive and Register
9:00 am Area Leaders Summit
Afternoon/Break - Register in Hotel
NAP :0)
Dinner @ Miller's Pub Everyone invited

Thurs 28th @
9:00 am Love Your Neighbor Luncheon (Cheryl, Jen)
3:00 pm Leave for Milwaulkee [Route 57 N.] Tanya
4:30 pm Leave for Milwaulkee [Route 57 N.] Angela
4:30 pm Young Women's Dinner Everyone 40 and under, plan on attending cost $25.00 mark it on the registration
7:30 pm Evening Session - Jane Hansen

Fri 29th @
9:00 am Alistair Petrie
12:45 pm CIA Members Complimentary Luncheon, Reservations @ The Cafe, Hilton (Soup and Salad Bar only)
2:30 pm Alistair Petrie
7:30 pm Pat Francis

Sat 30th @
9:00 am Pat Francis & Barbara Wentroble
12:30 pm Regional Luncheon - North Central Region, Barb Skoff - Everyone is required to attend from CIA $25.00 mark it on the registration
5:00 pm CIA Leadership Team Dinner, Pizza in CIA Room (Judy, Brenda, Cheryl, Melissa, Tanya)
7:30 pm Barbara Wentroble

Sun 1st @
8:00 am Check out (in the morning will save us an 1+ in line later)
Luggage in Lobby
9:00 am Closing Ceremony, Jane Hansen
1:00 pm Leave for Home

Cell phones
Hyatt 414-276-1234
Barb Skoff 218-349-8042
Cheryl 217-649-6050
Angela Smith 217-721-0777
Melissa Nash 217-365-9974
Monica Shuler 217-621-6493
Sarah KHanagan 815-207-0909
Judy McGann 309-338-0447
Brenda Evans 217-836-5595
Shelly Lewis 217-390-8971
Tanya Quaritsch 815-848-5000

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Blogger Jenn said...

We need to make sure that only the people that are logged on as team members can read the comments on the pages. It says that the comments on this blog are restricted to team members so we should be okay. We just need to be careful when posting phone numbers and email addresses, etc. Just an idea/suggestion. Since I am a team member it recognizes my computer I think, either that you need to make sure that you somehow log out, so that you don't leave open access to people. Just something to check into. I'm not as familiar with this site as I am with others.

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