Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Encounter God Mini-Retreat, March 1st

Greetings Everyone! Encounter God has been moved to MARCH 1ST!

The "CIA" (Central Illinois Area) AGLOW TEAM is going to host an “Encounter God” Mini Retreat. Saturday, March 1st. 9am to 9 pm. (Instead of doing 2 days we have compiled it into one.) It’s something I have all our leadership go through.  It’s a time of cleansing the temple, removing any obstacles that could or has snared us and starting with a fresh slate for a new year.

                                    A Day of Encountering God in a deeper

walk of healing and restoration of the soul.
A place of security to find a treatment, cure or correction for the spiritual side of man (the SOUL - Mind, Will & Emotions), specifically addressing issues of habitual sin, unforgiveness, occult involvement, generational bondage, and traumatic life experiences.   This is an event for inner healing and deliverance to the soul in great depth, as well as receiving ministry, each participant will leave with a new tool-belt in the spirit to enable them to minister this freedom to others!! This retreat, you will break free of past bondages that have held you back from moving forward in your relationship with God, family, friends and authority.  You will personally be challenged and grow as you submit yourself to all that God has in store for YOU whom He LOVES!
*It will be at my home: 1604 S. Curtiss Dr. Urbana, IL 61802
*Cost for manual will be $20.00 plus meal (Lunch & Dinner) costs for the day
*Bring a pencil and bible
*Retreat description below (Worship, Power-point, Teaching included)

                       *RSVP by Monday, Feb 25th   To:  888-IL-AGLOW

If you are stuck in any kind of cycles in your life, hurts, traumas, curses or the like this is the tool to break that off of you and your family.  (The one requirement is that you have to attend for the entity of the event; due to the nature of how it is structurally designed everyone is required to come on time & only leave upon completion.  Full participation is necessary, if you can’t be there the entire time we recommend you attend the next event for your full benefit and for others attending. We hope to end earlier if possible.)  Please RSVP space in my home is limited, so we can make arrangements for space and your meals. We will receive funds upon arrival.

Encounter God Topics:

  • Understanding Spiritual Warfare
    • Strongholds
    • False Religions and Occult
  • Receiving and Ministering Healing
  • Destructive Habits, Addictions
  • Sexual Wholeness
  • Brokenness, Hurt, Rejection
  • Rebellion
  • Generational Curses
  • Mother & Father’s Blessing
  • Living In Victory
  • Holy Communion

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www.aglow.org Aglow International





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